TÖHOB-The Association of Private Urban Public Bus Operators’ Union

“The Association of Private Urban Public Bus Operators’ Union” abbreviated as TÖHOB is a non-govermental organization. TÖHOB is founded by the tradesmen engaged in public transport as private bus owners and operators as associations, vooperatives, companies, chambers etc.


Public transportation with private buses started in İstanbul in late 1920’s. They have been licensed and regulated sice 1960 by İstanbul Municipality fort he first time. Private road transport operatorsgained a formal status and started to geowby the decions taken by the Ankara Municipality assembly in 1981 and İstanbul Municipality Assembly in 1982.

In early 1990’s, all municipalities of different size, from metropolitan to local, started to establish their private bus systems. Each municipality started to created different type of operation, since the rules, regulations and legal backgrounds for such operations were not clearly defined, thus creating problems.

To solve the problems arisen, to ensure a statue for the private operators, to become an integral part of urban transport system, to prepare a legal background for such operations and to define the service quality and operational standards TÖHOB has been founded as an umbrella association covering all private urban bus operators.

At the end actions were initiated to establish TÖHOB in 2006.


The purpose of the Association, which is active in the realm of urban bus transport can be summarized as follows;

  • to be the unique (central) body representing the private bus operators throughout the country
  • to complete institutionalization of member operators by a technical/scientific approaches,
  • to create harmony and union among the member operators throughout the country and
  • to meet the economic, social, legal, and administrative needs of the members with common approaches.


TÖHOB aims to be the unique body of private urban bus operators throughout the country to create solutions for the existing conflicts between the public and the private bodies and to improve the service quality for the passengers.